Self-serve Medical Procedures Consent

LobbyPad's iConsent is a customized healthcare solution that is used for invasive or non-invasive surgeries that require prior consent of the patients.

  • Prevent communication gap between surgeons and patients.
  • Standardized and formal approach to inform patients.
  • Healthcare institutions adhere to goverment regulations.
  • Avoid unnecessary surgeries which can be a threat to patient’s safety.
  • Patient's consent data is securely housed within the institutions infrastructure.

Our interactive iConsent solution provides the patient with an intuitive and uesr-friendly interface to read and record consent data.

  • Patient legal name
  • Nature of operation/procedure
  • Type of consent
  • Consenter’s particulars
  • Doctor’s particulars
  • Interpreter’s particulars
  • Witness’ particulars
  • Next of Kin’s particulars
  • Digital signature and/or fingerprints
  • Declarations of the above parties

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Ideal Venues

  • Conferences & Forums
  • Tradeshows & Exhibitions
  • Product Showrooms
  • Hotel & Office lobbies
  • Art Galleries

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