What we do

At LobbyPad™ collaboration is key

We work closely with our clients to develop a customized mobile platform, allowing the end product to not only be creative, but also speak to your organization's brand, value & culture.

Strategic advantage

Identifying the value proposition

Having a customized and user-friendly mobile platform gives our clients a competitive advantage - making your product or service easily accessible and cost-effective with broader branding opportunities.

Be Smart - Go Green!

It's not just fashionable...it's smart

Partnering with LobbyPad™ and its services allows you to reduce your carbon foot-print. A customized mobile platform will give you the ability to make on-going updates, hassle-free and instantly available to your clients.


Instant feedback

Would you like to know what your customers liked most about your business? Solicit feedback from a broader range of customers? If so, LobbyPad™ has the perfect survey & feedback solution with multiple-choice, rating and open feedback capabilities.


Visitor Management

LobbyPad's customized solutions can be designed and developed for most mobile devices and platforms such as the iPhone, iPad and Android.



Take-a-pulse of your customers in real-time, resolve issues quickly and keep your customers smiling!


Lobby[Q] Manager

LobbyPad's Lobby[Q] Manager provides a just-in-time queue management system allowing your customers to get into a virtual queue by simply walking in and checking in at a kiosk.


Ideal Venues

  • Conferences & Forums
  • Tradeshows & Exhibitions
  • Product Showrooms
  • Hotel & Office lobbies
  • Art Galleries

Get in touch

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  • 917.512.4024 | New York
  • 415.508.6282 | San Francisco
  • 877.251.CALL | Toll-Free
  • sales@lobbypad.com

Our Philosophy

At LobbyPad, we believe in the power of going mobile!
A tailor-made, fun, exciting and cost-effective experience for our clients is what we deliver.